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  • Does my fare include a tip for my driver?
    Driver's grauity is not included in any of Crown's rates, fees, or fares. You can tip your driver in cash or your can write in a tip when you sign your reservation agreement at the end of the ride. The credit card on file for your trip will be charged for any tip you write in. For your conveniece, gratuities can also be added in when you are booking your trip. Just ask at the time of booking the ride or add the amount in the "notes" section, if booking online. Gratuities are always voluntary and are not required. 100% of all gratuities are given to the drivers.
  • What are my options for a ride to or from the BHM Airport?
    Crown offers private, private ride and ride share transportation to and from the BHM Airport. Shared rides are $85 per person. A private ride, for up to three passengers, is $195. Private rides may not be available during peak travel times, including UA breaks, holidays and UA related events. Private ride rates are based on the vehicle reserved and location of pick up and drop off. Shared ride pickup and drop-off order can vary with every ride. Sometimes, you'll be the first passenger dropped off, and other times, you'll be the last. It's all based on the most efficient route chosen by our system. Crown's Airport fleet includes sedans, SUVs, and Vans.
  • What is a Private Ride?
    A private ride means that you or your group are the only passengers in the vehicle. Private rate for one to three passengers in a private sedan is $195 each way. We also offer group rates for more than three passengers. Rates are based on vehicle reserved and the location of the pick up. Private rides may not be available for peak travel dates and UA breaks. Your pick up time is based on your departure time and your arrival time at the BHM Airport. Gratuity for your chauffeur is not included in the fare.
  • What is a Will Share Ride (Ride Share Service)?
    You want to share a ride, but there are no shared riders that have already booked. We flag your reservation as willing to share. As people call to book, we put passengers together. You pay the shared ride rate of $85 up front. If no one ends up sharing, you will be on a private ride and the balance of $85 will be charged to the credit card on file the day before or the day of your transportation. Your pick up time will be based on your departure or arrival time at BHM, normally two and one half to four hours prior to your flight departure, and no more than ninety minutes after your flight lands for an arrival. You choose your pick up and drop of location. The Private ride rate if you agree to our shared-ride option is $170 (a $25 discount from a private-only ride). The Shared ride rate is $85. Gratuity for your chauffeur is not included in the fare.
  • What is a Shared Ride?
    Crown puts passengers together that need to go to or from the BHM Airport around the same time. The number of passengers on your ride will depend on demand for the ride. Your pick up time will be between two and a half and three hours prior to your flight departure. You may have to wait up to one hour for your arrival. Most wait times are less. The rate for a shared ride is $85.00. Gratuity for your chauffeur is not included in the fare.
  • Can you pick me up at home?
    Crown will pick you up at your preferred pick up location. This can be your dorm, house or apartment or any other location you choose. Pick up locations more than 10 minutes from the UA campus area may incur an extra charge On shared rides, the pickup and drop-off order can vary with every ride. Sometimes, you'll be the first passenger picked up or dropped off, and other times, you'll be the last. It's all based on the most efficient route chosen by our system. The driver should always follow the instructions in his manifest, and we ask that you be respectful of that.
  • How much luggage can I bring?
    Each passenger is allowed to have two regular sized bags (example, a suitcase or duffel bag), weighing no more than 50 pounds. In addition, you may bring one carry-on item, such as a backpack, laptop case or purse. If you have more luggage than is stated here, call us at 205-758-3875. We will make every effort to accomodate extra luggage, if you make arrangements for this in advance. If you show up with more than the allowed amount and have not let us know in advance, we reserve the right to deny your boarding and your reservation may be cancelled without a refund.
  • I am running late, will you wait for me?"
    Departing Tuscaloosa shared rides are subject to strict pick up times. If you are not downstairs and ready to go at your scheduled pick up time, Crown may consider the reservation abandoned and all monies paid will be forfeited. If time permits, Crown will wait on a private ride passenger. An hourly rate of $75, calculated in one half hour increments will apply for any private ride passenger that is more than five minutes late for pick up.
  • My arriving flight is delayed.  What do I do?
    Crown dispatch and your chauffeur will monitor you arriving flight. If your flight is delayed, please call our office immediately at 205-758-3875, as you may know this before it is reflected on our flight tracking system. If you are on a shared ride, and your or any other shared ride passenger's flight is delayed, you may have to wait at the airport for up to ninety minutes. If any shared rider's flight is delayed more than one hour, Crown will depart with the passengers that have already landed. At your option, Crown will either send a private car for the delayed passenger or put them on the next available shared ride arrival. If Crown sends a private car, the appropriate private ride rate will apply.
  • I want to bring my pet.  Is this allowed?
    Pets are not allowed on shared ride transportation. Pets are allowed on private rides, if the pet is smaller than 30 pounds and is in a carrier. You must call our office and notify us if you want to bring your pet on a private ride. Crown reserves the right to deny allowing a pet on a private ride, based on the circumstances. Special allowance is given to Service Animals. Passengers needing to board with a properly credentialed service animal will need to contact our office in advance for us to ensure appropriate room is reserved.
  • Can I reserve my ride online?
    Online reservation requests are not confirmed until we review your transportation needs and confirm your reservation via email.Crown offers online bookings, through our website. You will be able to put in your requested pick up time and date, and choose whether you want a private ride, a shared ride or a private, willing to share ride. Departing Tuscaloosa Shared Riders pick up times may change, based on the routing of the pick up locations. Crown will notify you via email when your reservation has been approved.
  • Do I need to reserve my ride in advance?
    All reservations must be made in advance. Same day reservations are accepted, but may be limited due to short notice.
  • What if my flight is cancelled?
    It is your responsiblity to contact our office if your flight is cancelled. Your reservation will be transferred to your new arrival date and time at no additional cost.
  • I need to cancel.  Do I get a refund?
    Once any reservation is made, all Airport reservations are subject to a $50 cancellation fee. If your reservation is cancelled less than 48 hours prior to your scheduled pick up time, there is no refund. Reservations may not be cancelled via email or voice mail. If your flight is cancelled, all monies paid will be credited to your rescheduled arrival date. If you do not wish to reschedule when your flight is cancelled, there is no refund.
  • Do you answer your phones after 5:00PM?
    Our office is open from 9:00AM until 5:00PM daily. After 5:00PM, your call will go to our voicemail system. Please leave a message and we will call you back no later than the next business day.
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