Meet your Haunted Tour Hosts

Haunted Guide, Kim Johnston


Hi Everyone! I'm Kim Johnston, one of the Haunted Birmingham tour guides. I thought I'd take a minute to introduce myself and thank you for your interest in our tours. I have lived and worked in the Birmingham area for the past 17+ years and became interested in the paranormal in 2008 when my family and I moved into a haunted home in Chelsea. Since then, I have founded my own paranormal research team, SCARe of Alabama, written/co-written 3 books about the paranormal and have even appeared (albeit briefly) on SyFy's hit tv show, Paranormal Witness. I never aspired to be a paranormal researcher before my encounters with the other side back in 2008 but it has quickly become a passion of mine. I have also found a new appreciation for our local history since the beginning of my paranormal journey and can't wait to share all the amazing stories with you on the Haunted Birmingham Tour! You can learn more about my paranormal team, books and additional tours I host on my website

Haunted Guide - Lewis O. Powell IV
Haunted Guide - Kevin Cain


The spirits of Alabama have gotten their claws in Lewis O. Powell, IV and haven't let up. A Georgia native and resident, Lewis began exploring the world of the paranormal as a kid. His introduction to Southern ghosts came from the great Alabama storyteller Kathryn Tucker Windham and he was instantly hooked. Mrs. Windham's "13 Georgia Ghosts and Jeffrey" was the first book in his library of ghost books; a library that currently contains nearly 600 volumes specifically relating to ghosts in 13 Southern states.

After reading and researching ghosts for a few decades, Lewis decided to take his explorations of Southern ghosts online with his blog Southern Spirit Guide. In 2015, Lewis focused his research on Alabama with his book "Southern Spirit Guide's Haunted Alabama," a guide to 300 haunted locations throughout the state. Originally released as an eBook, Lewis is currently working on formatting and revamping the book for release in print in the very near future.

Lewis is very excited to be joining Kim Johnston and Kevin Cain in introducing guests to the spectral residents of Birmingham. He brings an extensive knowledge of hauntings throughout Birmingham, the state of Alabama, and the South as a whole. Check out Lewis' blog, Southern Spirit Guide, at, for further explorations of the ghosts of Birmingham and beyond. Like Lewis' Southern Spirit Guide page on FaceBook to keep up with the latest on Southern ghosts.


Writing since the ripe old age of eight, author and paranormal investigator Kevin Cain has published stories and poetry in various magazines. Inspired by the Jeffrey series written by Alabama author Kathryn Tucker Windham, as well as growing up in a haunted house of his own, Kevin took a keen interest in the paranormal at an early age. He published a book “The Legends Of Indian Narrows” which collects the ghost stories he grew up listening to in his old neighborhood that was built over native American burial ground in the western part of Jefferson County as well as his own experiences in the home he lived in. In 2013, he joined the paranormal investigative team S.C.A.R.E. of Alabama. In the past few years, Kevin has practically turned his current home into a museum of haunted items ranging from dolls (the bulk of his collection) to paintings and tools. His most notable item, a porcelain doll haunted by a lovely little girl named Patty, was the subject of his novel “Patty Doll”. His most recent non-fiction book “My Haunted Collection” tells the story of what got him into haunted collecting and the stories behind the most popular items in his collection. Kevin’s other published books include “Thanksgiving Hen On A Chicken Shed: Stories My Grandmother Told Me” and the novels “Haunts” and "Tammy Baby."