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Here's a few rules & tips to make your

Alabama prom limo experience great...

Prom Limousine Rules & Tips

1. No alcohol in the limousine. No alcoholic beverages of any kind are allowed in or near the limousine. If passengers appear to be intoxicated or become belligerent, the driver can choose to end the ride early. Be respectful of yourself, your passengers, and your driver. Just don't do it.   

2. Be responsible and respectful. When you rent a limousine you are making a promise to be responsible and respectful for the vehicle you have chosen. A limousine is an expensive piece of equipment and it is up to you and your friends to treat it that way. Any damages done to the limousine by you or your friends will be charged to you. This includes, but is not limited to: getting sick in the vehicle (cleaning fee = $150), torn seats, broken TVs, etc. It is up to you to make sure these extra charges do not occur. Be sure to explain this and all other rules to your friends.

3. No smoking or vaping in or near the limousine. Smoking is a nasty and dangerous habit anyway, but when it is done in an enclosed car it is even worse. No one wants their limo to smell like smoke when they get in and you shouldn't either. Smoking near the vehicle with the doors open can be just as bad. As for vaping, well that just makes you look stupid and smells like burning candy. Not cool.  

4. All prom limousine reservations must be signed for by a parent, guardian, or responsible adult. The person signing the contract  must be 21 years old and should make the rules clear to the prom goers and discuss their expectations for the group's behavior. The signer of the contract will be held financially responsible for any damages that occur.

5. Obey the capacity limitations of the vehicle you reserved. If a vehicle is listed as "6 passengers", that's it. These limits are not just a rule, in many cases they are set by law. The driver will only allow the designated number of riders in the vehicle. Don't leave someone standing on the curb on prom night. Book the ride that fits your needs.

6. 4 hour minimum and a $400.00 deposit. All prom reservations must be for a minimum of 4 hours. Since most of our proms happen out of town this is usually not a problem. Rental time for out of town proms begins when the limousine leaves Crown's garage and ends when it returns to our garage. All time over the initial 4 hours will be billed at the hourly rate for that particular vehicle in 1/2 hour increments. All prom rides require a $400 deposit to be paid when the reservation is made.  The remainder of the reservation charge must be paid in full at least two weeks prior to the event. Any cancellation will result in the forfeiture of all monies paid to date. Be very sure when you book any vehicle that your really want it.

Crown's Tips for a Great Prom Limo Experience

Always Book Early. It's not just your school who's having a prom. There are schools all around the region having their prom on the same night and many will be riding in limousines. The easiest way to get exactly the limousine you want is to book early. Prom season is one of the busiest times of the year for limo rentals.

No matter where you book your prom night ride, always inspect the vehicle thoroughly inside and out before you take your ride. Point out any damage to your driver and you might even take a picture of it. Some unscrupulous limo companies will try to charge you for damages that were already there.

Step up to a nicer ride. By splitting the cost of your prom ride among a few more friends you can often upgrade to a bigger and better limousine and the cost per person might be the same or less.

Choose your companions carefully. This is always good advice, but on prom night it is especially important. One obnoxious limousine companion can ruin a fantastic prom for everyone. Choose responsible and considerate people to share this special night. Remember you will be liable for all damages caused by your traveling companions. Choose wisely.

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