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Traveling to/from the BHM Airport booking information


If you book your reservation online, please note that your reservation is not confirmed until we review your date and time for availability. Once your reservation has been approved, your credit card will be charged and you will receive an email confirmation for your ride. A pending reservation email will be sent if more information is needed to complete the reservation.

Private rides are not guaranteed on busy travel dates and UA Breaks.

Shared rides are not guaranteed and are subject to availability.



  • DEPARTING FLIGHTS:  We base your pick up time on your flight departure time. You choose your pick up time. We suggest departing at least 2 1/2 prior to your scheduled flight departure time. Pick up times are subject to change for Shared Rides. Crown will remind the passenger of the exact pick up time and give the Chauffeur's name and number the day prior to pick up.

  • ARRIVING FLIGHTS:  Always enter your Scheduled Arrival Time as your pick up time.  We know you have to get your bags. If you are on a shared ride, you may have to wait up to one hour for your ride. Most wait times are less.

  • PICK UP/DROP OFF ADDRESS:  For dorms, enter the dorm name and address. For Apartments, enter apartment name and address.


  • DEPARTING FLIGHTS:  Choose your pick up time at least 2 1/2 hours prior to your scheduled flight departure time. 

  • ARRIVING FLIGHTS:  Always enter your Scheduled Arrival Time as your pick up time.  We know you have to get your bags.

  • PICK UP/DROP OFF ADDRESS: Enter your physical address.  Birmingham Airport Code is BHM.

  • BHM is the Airport Code for Birmingham Airport. Make sure to choose it as your pick up or drop off location.

  • Enter Airline and Flight Number when requested. It is imperative that we have this information.

  • Please read our FAQ page for Baggage limitations.

  • Cancellation Policy:  Airport reservations are subject to a minimum $50 cancellation fee.  There are no refunds given for cancellations made the day of or the day prior to the scheduled pick up time. Cancellations are not accepted via email or voicemail.

*Private rides may not be available on high volume travel dates.

All "will share" rides are subject to availability and are not guaranteed.

Your driver's gratuity is not included in any rate, fare, or fee listed.

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